Currently, I am working on a project for Waterschap Aa en Maas. One of the problems they face as a Waterschap, is that civilians don’t really know what they do or why they do it. Therefore, Waterschap Aa and Maas wants to create more awareness and also take on an informative role. They do way more than what people think they do.

For example, together with other organisations, they have built a pier to draw people to the floodplains. It is a beautiful pier and the idea behind it is great as well. Now, the pier is there, but they don’t know of what other purpose it can be, while it has lots of opportunities.

I am projectleader of a group of students and young professionals, hired by Waterschap to tackle this issue. We researched target groups, inhibitants of the area, entrepeneurs and companies that might want to work together and other stakeholders. After a big brainstorm, we developed three concepts, which we are validating now.

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