On thursday the 2nd of february I got the opportunity to be a participant at the MAGGI Talent Day. The day was meant to think of new products for the brand MAGGI, which is a part of Nestle, the biggest food company in the world. The day was organized by New Brand Activators. Of course, I was excited to think along.

We started off with an introduction of the brand MAGGI and assignment for the day, after which we were divided into groups. My team was an all-girls team, with different backgrounds, from food to innovation. We had a great time thinking of a new product. At the end of the day we had the opportunity to ask a designer to visualize the concept we developed. It was very interesting and fun seeing a product come to life within a day.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say anything about the outcome, as it is confidential.
To see an impression of the day, take a look on this website.

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