So, a creative strategist.. What’s that, you might think?

I like to think of myself as a helping hand for an organisation that is ready for some changes, but not quite sure how to start. Everyone knows the world is changing at a fast pace, but not everyone knows what the right way to respond to those changes is. And to be honest, there’s not just one way. All roads lead to Rome, as long as it matches your organisation. That’s where I come in the picture. As a creative strategist I can either help you to SPOT opportunities, SHOW you how to work and think more innovative, or SOLVE a problem you’re facing. Or all of those things, if you wish. Take a look at my portfolio here.

I am young, in my twenties, but I see that as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. I am of Generation Y, a millennial, so I know what goes on in the mind of people from the same generation as me – which is a big group that needs a different approach then other generations.

PS: I’m looking for a new job! Check my video below! (in Dutch)

NEW JOB WANTED from Claudia van Gorp on Vimeo.